The Beginning

Welcome to Donna R Snyder CEO MOM On A Journey!  Stop! Stop! That’s all wrong! Howdy, Y’ALL!  Welcome to my new space on the internet.  I am on a journey to have a better relationship with God, to heal wounds and hurts, to fly like a butterfly but soar like an eagle.  The journey of being a stay at home mom has been a fun, exciting, scary and hard. I have known about blogging for this last 5 years but just said that is not for me.  HAHA!!! Well, let’s just say some things happened to absolutely change all of that for me.  So, here we go and I hope that you will join for on the crazy, fun journey as become the CEO of my business.


You see I never grew up thinking that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I grew up thinking that I wanted to be a nurse until Biology and then car wreck.  I used to be able to watch all those hospital shows with my dad and see all that blood and really wanted to help people.  My mother was a stay a home mom because of my health issues and it just wasn’t worth her working.  You see I was born with Asthma and my dad told her that when I got sick she would have to stay home with me. So she decided not to work because I was in and out fo ER at least 4 to 5 times a year. I didn’t see anything fun or glamorous about being a stay at home mom but also back then it was called a housewife.

When I was growing up I thought that I was going to be a nurse because I love watched a hospital show with my dad.  That was all I talked about growing up was becoming a nurse.  When I was in high school I even attended a trade school half a day to learn about nursing.  I love taking care of people. I did very well in my trade school so much that I was voted outstanding student and I even had to give a speech in front of everyone. But there was one huge problem and that was Biology.  I just couldn’t dissect that frog so I wind up with a C in biology in high school.

Still believing that I wanted to be a nurse I applied for every nursing program but my grades weren’t good enough to get in and so off to local community college I went.  I struggled in college a lot and still couldn’t get passed dissecting that frog.  So, I gave up on my dream and dropped out of college and headed to a 6 months career school with my cousin.  I finished and went on to have a great job at an advertising agency.


So, in 1997 I got married to my honey  and for 7 years we tried to get pregnant and with no success. One day one of our staff pastors and friend called us into his office and told us that we needed to go through the process of finding out why we weren’t having any children.  When we got the new that we were unable to have a child it was devasting and I remember crying for days.  I remember being angry with God.  Wondering if God was punished me for my past.  My heart was broken and there was no one that seemed to care.  No one to talk to or cry with so I just put on a face and keep moving.   It was a hard process because all of my friends we having babies at the time.  No one ever said Hey let’s have coffee and ask me how I was really doing.  I was so alone and lonely.    I even threw a baby shower for one of my friends and had a severe meltdown on the day of her shower and was late getting to the party. So, how did I become a stay at home mom?

So, we started babysitting for my girlfriend when she and her husband wanted a date night or needed some time away.  Wow! This was a huge eye-opener for us because we realized that it would be better for me to stay home than to work.  It was not an easy decision but we knew that my paycheck would have been going straight to the daycare.  This decision was confirmed when I was replaced while I was on vacation.  Yup, we had just gone to Walt Disney with my mom to tell her that we were unable to have kids.  And, that we were going through the process to adopt a baby. My first day back I got a call telling me that I was being replaced.  You see I was asked before we went away would I be continuing to work once we got our child and I was truthful and honest.  I said that we had discussed it and I would not be continuing to work. I know many think you should have just lied but see I am a born again Christian and I was not going to lie.  That was a hurt and burn that took me years to recover from because of the way it happened.   I refused to every work for another person again and you see I tried even after that but I just got burned and hurt even the more. After I was let go it was another 8 months before I became a mom.  It was the greatest day of my life.

Here is a picture of the first day we got to meet our baby girl.  More of my story to come.


Have An Amazing Day!!!




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