He is Faithful

So when we were refocused in March of 2006. God gave prompted us to give twice before we would receive the call that we were parents of a baby girl.  First, was giving $100 to Compassion Commission and the other was to open our home to host people. So we did are God prompted us to do and He was faithful to His word.

We were in the middle of Compassion Commission and my husband called me and told that the adoption agency was trying to reach me.  I had all kinds of emotions like excited, scared, joyous, tearful etc.  I called they agency that she told me I was a mom of a girl.  She was two months and we could meet her on Monday.

So, my best friends husband aunt was a foster parent for this agency and we prayed that our child was with her if the Lord wills.  And sure enough, they were taking care of our little girl. We were so excited to meet Mary and told hold our daughter,  We both got to feed her and she feels asleep in my arms with a big smile on her face.   We would bring our daughter home two weeks later.  Our first night was absolutely hilarious but we will leave that story for later.


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  1. Adaku
    April 15, 2017 at 10:42 pm (9 months ago)

    I’m eager to know what happened during your first night. Great blog!! Keep it coming ma’am