When my daughter was younger, she used to love to play with Legos. She’d never looked  at the instructions and just figured out how all the pieces fit together. Usually, what she ended up with was way better than the design template on the box

Sometimes it feels like digital marketing campaigns are a pile of Lego bricks without a picture to follow. You know what all the pieces are but feel lost when it comes to building something them. 

It took me some time, but now I’m kind of a Tech Wizard (Think Wizard of Oz – I’m the brains hiding behind the curtain.) 

From behind the scenes, I take all of those random marketing pieces – the email funnel, the webinar, the squeeze page – and I put them together into something that works seamlessly for your business. 

What we come up with will be unique for you and surpass all your expectations! Just like with Lego – when you get creative – anything is possible!

Price does) not include the following platforms: Kajabi, Clickfunnels or Leadpages.  We will be glad to create a custom package for you if you don’t see what you are looking for. 



Facebook Ads

Sales Funnel




Donna was extremely knowledgeable about the logistics of creating webinars and summits. She helped me understand the best resources and tools based on the types of programs I plan to create for my clients in the next year. What I loved most about Donna was that she made me feel seen and heard, and her recommendations were practical and personalized to what I need right now. I’d definitely recommend her if you’re looking for support with hosting virtual events.
Jennifer Vitale
Health Coach

Donna is amazing. The way she teaches is awesome. She breaks it down for you so you can understand everything she is doing.

She takes her time and makes sure you get it. She doesn’t just teach and move on. I had problems figuring some things out and she never complained one time when I went back to her for advice. Definitely a thumbs up.
Terry Robinson
Social Media manager


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