Feeling Lost? I'm here for you. I figured it out…. so you don’t have to!



Imagine you were a world-class chef planning a dinner party. You love to cook and preparing delicious food is what you do best! 


You dont want to spend your time coordinating schedules, sending invites, or responding to emails. You dont care about setting the table or sending thank you cards. All you want to do is cook!


Thats where I come in! I handle all of the party planningdetails so you can focus on what you do best! 


Basically, I make the guest list, send reminder emails, do the grocery shopping, set the table, order the wine, make small talk – all the while you prepare a delicious meal! Your only job is to present an amazing spread of food for your guests to enjoy. 


Now, instead of a dinner party, were hosting an online event. All you have to do is prepare valuable content to share while I handle all of the other planning and technical details! I take care of the invitations, the hosting, the emailing, the technical arrangements. You just show up and present!


So dont waste your time with the hassle of planning. Get back in the kitchen and get your ideas cooking – leave the rest to me!

About Donna:
Techie Mama

Hi! Im Donna Snyder, but some people call me Techie Mama. I am a wife and mom to a teenager.

I love all kinds of teas, reading a good book, and going for walks. My favorite TV shows are Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and This Is Us. I love to cook and watch cooking shows, such as Pioneer Woman, Rachel Ray and Home Town (to name a few). I also like home remodeling shows on HGTV and I would love to own a home by a lake.

 So, how did I earn the name Techie Mama? Well, let me tell you -I was not born with the title!

When I first started my own business, I had tech fears not tech expertise. I didn’t know how to create a sales funnel or manage an email series. I knew all the terms but I had NO CLUE how to actually make it happen. 

But, then I did what I do best: I figured it out.

Trust me, it wasn’t easy. I know what it is like to watch hour after hour of video trying to learn all the tricks. I attended webinars, researched, practiced – and slowly I perfected the skills and strategies needed to make my business SOAR. I mastered how to create freebies, rock awesome landing pages, host sold-out webinars, and maximize email marketing campaigns.

As a mother, I am a natural teacher and caretaker. I didn’t want to keep my hard-earned knowledge to myself, instead I wanted to help others FIGURE IT OUT! So, without quite realizing it, I became Donna Snyder: Techie Mama.

Are you a female soloprenuer looking to grow your online business? Do you find yourself confused by all the marketing jargon?

Are you struggling with:

  creating a basic sales funnel that brings clicks, subscribers and clients?

   deciding what type of freebie to offer?

   creating an email series?

   hosting a Webinar or Virtual Summit?

   using Facebook Ads to your advantage?

If so, Techie Mama is here to help! I know what it is like to feel stuck and overwhelmed – and I promise – it doesn’t have to be that way!

So, take a deep breath, pour yourself a cup of tea, and schedule your Free Discovery Call Today!! (Don’t worry! We’ve got this!)

Our Services

Donna, I want to thank-you for being such an AMAZING virtual assistant, business coach and tech "guru". You have been a critical part of helping me grow my business.

I learn so much from our weekly calls and appreciate your great business strategies, creating sales funnels and re-building my website. I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful asset to my business and a new friend.
Melinda Nelson
Life Coach
Donna is amazing. The way she teaches is awesome. She breaks it down for you so you can understand everything she is doing.

She takes her time and makes sure you get it. She doesn’t just teach and move on. I had problems figuring some things out and she never complained one time when I went back to her for advice. Definitely a thumbs up. 👍
Terry Robinson
Social Media manager

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