Virtual Event Management

The world has shifted rapidly and your business has had to transform overnight. Suddenly, you find yourself in a world of Zoom calls and online meetings. 

Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with all of the changes?Does it feel overwhelming to create an event and figure out all the technical details?

Are you used to face-to-face interactions and dont know how to find clients in a virtual world?Im here to help!

Im your personal Tech Guru and Virtual Host. 

If you find yourself wanting some support with hosting a Webinar – I can make your life easier. 

Heres how it works:

* We set up a call to chat about your goals, target audience, and overall vision for the webinar. 

  • Together, we map out a marketing strategy to ensure great attendance and an engaged audience. You dont have to worry about navigating online advertising – I will effectively promote your event across all social media platforms. 
  • I take care of all the planning and administrative details like sales funnels, email series, registration lists, automated reminders, etc. I handle all of the tasks required for pulling off an amazing webinar – all you have to do is show up and share your expertise!
  • During the webinar, I set everything up and handle all of the technical details so you can focus on your presentation. I will be there to support you and troubleshoot every step of the way. 
  • When its all over, Ill ensure that you have a clear database of registrants/attendees and help you implement a targeted follow-up strategy to capitalize on the success of your webinar. 

Basically, Im your Planner / Promoter / Technical Support / and Cheerleader all rolled into one! And of course, I do this all behind the scenes.


Event Moderation and Editing

  • Testing and Sound Checks
  • Address any technical issues
  • Respond to comments and trouble shoot any technical problems
  • Create Back Up Recording
  • Edit Recording
  • Send out recording to email list

Webinar Solutions

  • Layout Strategy Plan
  • Create Steps for Online Event
  • Sales Funnels
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Moderate & Manage Event
  • Video Editing

Virtual Summit

In these changing times, its easy to get discouraged by cancelled plans and complicated transitions. But, what if this was the best thing that ever happened to your business?

(Honestly, someone asked me that question and it has revolutionized my life!) What if you could grow beyond what you ever imagined? What if your audience expanded even as your face to face interactions decreased? What if you could suddenly bring people together from around the world into one room?

The technology isnt new but the sudden global shift to a online platforms is revolutionary! You have the opportunity to radically transform your business. And transformation = growth!

Of course, change can be challenging but thats where I come in.  As your Virtual Event Planner, I will help you navigate this new online universe like a PRO!

Dont get bogged down by the technical details of planning an Online Summit, let me handle it!

From hosting a Webinar to planning a large-scale Summit, we can organize an amazing event from Virtually Anywhere!

Imagine bringing together experts in your field to share their knowledge? 

What if you could host a Summit that included local tour guides, a resort concierge, an airline representative, and satisfied clients? 

What if you could showcase International Destinations, answer questions and offer Virtual tours?

What if you could bring together like-minded people to plan their next theme vacation? All of this is possible and more! 

90 Day Virtual Summit Planning

  • Assessment
  • 5W's
  • Mapping Out Event
  • Set Up Technology
  • Sales Funnels
  • Email Marketing

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